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        Party Tent 6M

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        Party Tents
        Tent image
        Technical data
        Clear-span width 600 cm
        Side height 229 cm
        Ridge height 338 cm
        Roof pitch
        Bay distance
        300 cm
        Gable uprights 1 gable upright (per end)
        Longest component 330 cm
        Minimum tent length 600 cm
        Maximum tent length No limit
        Main profile 81 mm x 48 mm x 3 mm (optional 94 mm x 48 mm x 3 mm )
        Eave / corner connection Internal eave insert
        Max. allowed wind speed to DIN 80 km/h
        Wind Load 0.3 kN/m2
        Extension / lean-to options Extension (max. span 300 cm and 3 bays, located anywhere, both sides), hexagonal with intermediate bays, one or both sides with Mega tents
        Flooring options Woodenfloor with timber or steel sub-construction Aluminium cassettefloor with plywood or full aluminiumboards Compactfloor
        Cover R?DER No. 1: PVC-coated polyester textile, flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1, M2
        Special design By using compactfloor or woodenfloor with steel sub-construction and weights anchoring can be omitted Portal beams can be used in place of cross struts
        Tent top and side view image